Polk County Has a New OEM Coordinator

Judge Ellison(left) & Kris Lyle


Polk County has a New OEM Coordinator. Polk County Judge Brandon Ellison made the announcement.

Judge Ellison has appointed Kris Lyle to the position of Coordinator of the office of Emergency Management for Polk County.

Lyle has been the interim Coordinator since the beginning of the year. He took that position when former Coordinator, Tommy Stueart, assumed the position of Police Chief for Mena.

The emergency office serves several functions for the county. These include floodplain management, E-911 addressing, and volunteer fire department coordination. It also entails safety training, search and rescue coordination, and general emergency management.

On The Border

Polk County Judge Ellision stated, “I believe Kris is a good fit for this appointment because he knows the county, and he knows the people of this county. He is, and has been a volunteer fire department member for years, and he is a reserve Deputy for the Sheriff. He has intimate knowledge of the functions of that office. After interviewing and considering the top three candidates for this position, I believe Kris is the right choice for Polk County at this point in time.”