National Weather Service expects ‘moderate risk’ of severe weather Friday night


The National Weather Service in Little Rock released a tweet on Friday morning stating that they expect a “moderate risk” of severe weather on Friday night. Including in the area for the moderate risk of severe weather is all of Southern Arkansas.

NWS says that they are expecting the possibility of “widespread wind damage and tornadoes” until the predawn hours of Saturday.

AAA Texas has reminders for how people can stay safe during the event of severe weather.

  • Have a radio handy — stay up to date on the latest storm news so you can know when it is safe to come out of your house or shelter
  • Keep your head down and face away from the wind. Also keep away from windows and try to be as insulated from the storm as possible.
  • Try to remain in one place, whether a storm shelter, basement, closet, or other safety area, until it is safe to come out.
  • If you are in an open area when severe weather strikes, lie flat in a ditch and try to avoid flying debris. Also stay away from bridges and overpasses.

The National Weather Service also reminds people to use whatever media available from phones to handheld radios to stay up to date with the latest severe weather bulletins.