Lake Hamilton tops Arkansas High 12-10


LAKE HAMILTON, Ark. — The Lake Hamilton Wolves had two four-run innings to give them the advantage and outlast the Arkansas High Razorbacks 12-10 Friday evening.

Jaylen Betts was saddled with the loss as he went 3.0 innings and gave up five runs (two earned) on three hits and four walks. Betts managed to strike out two.

Trey White went 1.0 inning and had a walk and two strikeouts. Scott Trumble went 2.0 innings and gave up seven hits, seven runs (six earned), a walk, and had a strikeout.

Betts went 1-4 at the plate with a run scored. Luke Paxton went 1-3 with three runs scored and an RBI.

Ty Waid went 4-4 with three RBI. Ryan Wardlaw went 2-4.

Shane Sutton went 1-4 with three RBI. Trey White went 0-3 with an RBI and a walk. Cash Brookes went 1-3 at the plate.

“Back and forth, proud of the guys for continuing to fight,” coach Layne Berry said. “Waid was definitely in a zone last night at the plate with two home runs and Wardlaw had two big hits for us. Ryan Wardlaw is a guy that can really get hot late and hopefully last night gave him confidence moving into the the second half of the season. Paxton is starting to swing it well also Looking forward to the second half of the season.