Centerpoint and UAMS Grad Kyle Harvey new pharmacist at Buck’s Pharmacy

Kyle Harvey pharmacist bucks
Kyle Harvey pharmacist at Bucks Pharmacy

Kyle Harvey, former Centerpoint baseball great, and graduate from the Centerpoint class of 2012 has been hired as a new pharmacist at Bucks Pharmacy and gifts, Buck’s co-owner Jimmy Buck said.

Kyle Harvey is married to Meghan Bubulka Harvey who also graduated from Centerpoint High School. Meghan graduated from Centerpoint in 2011. The couple currently  live in Benton, Ark., but plan to move immediately to Hot Springs, Ark.,  and eventually to Glenwood 3-years down the road, Kyle said.

Kyle Harvey is coming home

“it feels nice to come home,” Kyle Harvey said.

Kyle grew up in the Glenwood area Kyle calls Glenwood home and he is the son of Larry and Marla Harvey.

Kyle Harvey pharmacist bucks
Buck’s Pharmacy, 408 North First Street in Glenwood, Arkansas.

While at Centerpoint, Kyle Harvey was a star pitcher on the schools baseball team. Meghan was a softball player and kept the books for basketball.

Kyle Harvey went to Henderson State for 3-years and between 2012 and 2015. He graduated from University of Arkansas for medical sciences in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Buck’s Pharmacy is located at 408 North First Street in Glenwood. Jimmie and Jackie Buck are the owners of Bucks pharmacy and Gifts since 1998. The store is not only a locally owned drug store where customers fill prescriptions; it also has a delightful store offering many gifts and etc.