Horatio hopes to crack 5 win limit in 2019


Since 2015, the Horatio Lions have won five games in odd-numbered years and three games in even-numbered years. In 2019, the Lions seek to break the trend and go beyond five wins and get back to the state playoffs.

Entering his fourth season at Horatio, Coach Robert Collum could have the right combination of youth and experience to make it happen.

The Lions will have youth at quarterback with sophomore Nick Marsden, who was under center for nine of the junior varsity’s games. Lane Moya is the other signal caller for Horatio, and he could end up being the starter for the Lions.

The running game revolves around their flexbone offense with junior fullback Matthew Martinez being a key component along with senior Garet Wilson. The Lions also have sophomore Landon Willis to rotate along with sophomore Landon Rowe at fullback.

The Horatio run game could also get a boost at fullback from Connor Barron. The junior played tackle and guard for the Lions, but he could go to fullback. The Lions will still have experience on the offensive line with Gabe Stephens, as the senior plays right guard.

Barron also plays as an edge defender for Horatio. Behind him is middle linebacker Manuel Hernandez, who also plays receiver. If Moya can’t win starting quarterback, he will have more time to lay some licks at linebacker.

Senior Wyatt Lindsey plays cornerback for Horatio, as well as receiver, and the secondary has another two-way player in senior Levi Lemons, another receiver.