Centerpoint, Hot Springs outscore opponents in scrimmages with Foreman, Glen Rose

A Foreman running back is tackled behind the line of scrimmage by Centerpoint's Dillon Fox. The Knights blanked Foreman, 22-0.


AMITY, Ark. — Centerpoint coach Cary Rogers didn’t mix words in regard to Tuesday’s scrimmage with Foreman, or the Knights’ expectations for the 2021 football season.

“I was hoping we’d look a little sharper at the beginning,” Rogers said after watching his team dominate the Class 2A Gators, 22-0. “We return thirteen seniors who have played a ton of football. I thought our effort was good, but it seemed like we were a step slow in our execution. We’ll pick that up before the season starts.

Foreman struggled offensively in the scrimmage. The Gators did play well on defense during the early sessions.

Fullback Peyton Vaught scored the first points on a 3-yard run. Senior quarterback Josh Lawson threw touchdown passes to Kaden Owens and Vaught later. Lawson is coming off a spectacular season, having thrown for 1,995 yards and 27 touchdowns in 2020.

Centerpoint coach Cary Rogers considers what he’s going to say to his players after Tuesday’s scrimmage with Foreman.

Foreman struggles with Knights’ defense

“Overall, I was pleased with the offense,” Rogers said. “Dillon (Fox) played well. He’s going to play wingback, and he’ll be our backup quarterback on offense. Dillon is one of our pass rushers when he’s not dropping back into coverage.

“We think we’ve got three or four seniors who can play at the next level. Our quarterback (Lawson) is 6-5. He’s fast and he’s got a strong, accurate arm. Garrett Alexander is big and strong. He’s our best lineman and getting some looks. There’s others! We think we’ll be better, but we did lose some good seniors. I think we’re further along at this point than we were last year. We feel we can play 18 or 19 kids, so not too many will be going both ways.”

The Knights have one new coach this year Hayden Thornton left Fountain Lake to be an assistant football coach, and the head baseball coach at Centerpoint.

Foreman’s junior high team was also shut out by the Knights, 24-0.

Centerpoint’s season begins at home against Hampton on Aug. 27. The Gators play at Idabel, Okla.

Trojans outscore Glen Rose, 21-13

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — The scoreboard didn’t satisfy Hot Springs coach Darrell Burnett Tuesday night even though it indicated the Trojans won.

“I would say the scrimmage went OK, but it was not up to our standards,” Burnett said. “Our defense played with energy, but missed a few tackles. The scrimmage was good transition of game situations, and it went smoothly.”

The Trojans’ coaching staff got excited early, but an interception was returned for a touchdown, spoiling the moment.

Hot Springs’ season kicks off Aug. 26 (Thursday) at Fountain Lake. Glen Rose plays at Malvern on Sept. 3.