Arkansas Arts Council names Kimbo Dryden the 2022 Arkansas Living Treasure

Arkansas Art

WASHINGTON, Ark. — The Arkansas Arts Council announced James “Kimbo” Dryden as the 2022 Arkansas Living Treasure for his work and dedication to the craft of pottery.

“Kimbo Dryden is a compelling addition to our Living Treasure program,” said Stacy Hurst, secretary of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism. “His lifelong passion, dedication and mastery of pottery has not only added to his family’s heritage, but to the heritage of Arkansas.”

Dryden was chosen by an independent panel of judges, and will be honored at a ceremony Friday, May 20.

“About time,” Dryden said. “I’m just a potter. It’s an honor, you know? Like I said, it’s about time.”

The Living Treasure program recognizes Arkansans whose creativity excels in the creation of a traditional craft or folk art and who preserves and advances their craft through community outreach and teaching others.

Valley Springs

“It’s important to celebrate the cultural significance of the arts in Arkansas,” said Jimmy Bryant, director of Arkansas Heritage. “The Arkansas Living Treasure program is an excellent way to honor those who have dedicated their careers to sharing their creativity and artistic skills.”

Dryden’s traditional process consists of unique, in-house, formulated clays, glazes and techniques that result in a recognizable look and style.

Dryden said anyone can pick out a “Dryden,” which is why the family’s slogan is “A Melody in Glaze.”

For more information about the Arkansas Living Treasure Award, contact Scarlet Sims, artist services manager, at 501-324-9348 or Or visit the Arkansas Arts Council’s website at