Ari’s Little Italy Italian Restaurant the Best Italian Restaurant in Arkansas

Italian restaurant Glenwood Arkansas
Ari Maksuti, owner of Ari's Little Italy

Arian Maksuti, owner and operator of Ari’s Little Italy Italian Restaurant has been in operation for over 10 years. Customers claim it’s the best Italian Restaurant in Arkansas. Originally all the way from Bari, Italy, located right on the top of the boot of Italy. Ari has a passion for Authentic Italian food and wanted to bring that magic to Arkansas.

Customers love the pasta dishes, pizza, and homemade rolls made from the pizza dough itself. They also serve steak and pork dishes on occasion as well. The veal and seafood dishes are fresh and another favorite for our local customers. Dessert menu includes cheesecake, cannoli, tiramisu and much more. They have a meeting room for parties that can hold up to 20 people, making family get togethers much more enjoyable. The holiday season is just around the corner so book your family or business Christmas party while spots are still available. Ari’s Little Italy has weekly specials for $4.99 for lunch, dinner or both.

Restaurant owner’s dream was to bring Italian food to Arkansas

Ari’s passion has always been preparing delicious authentic meals that will give you the illusion that you are enjoying a wonderful meal in Italy. Ari’s restaurant is located at 180 Hwy 70 East, suite #13, open 11am-9pm Tuesday through Thursday and 11am-10pm and Sunday’s 11am-9pm. You can call your orders to go at 870-356-4587. Take your family out and experience this amazing authentic Italian restaurant, where the atmosphere is family oriented and the staff is provides excellent service.

Italian restaurant Glenwood Arkansas






For more information, tune into Caddo Country Radio, 98.9FM, 670AM, our website, and Caddo Country Radio on FreedAM Sports app for weekly specials that change every week and any upcoming events. Ari’s Little Italy Italian Restaurant, well worth the drive for real authentic Italian cuisines and an enjoyable atmosphere.