Flu Vaccines Are Coming to Pike County

The Arkansas Pike County Health Unit will be offering flu vaccines at three different locations this year. The first one was in Murfreesboro Tuesday, if you haven’t already gotten your vaccination, there are still two other clinics that will be offering the vaccine. The next clinic will be held October 4th at Plyler’s Home Center from 1pm until 3pm and the last one held on October 18th at the Delight Elementary School from 9am-10am. These are walk in clinics, however if unable to walk in, please call and someone will walk out to your car.









It is advised that you bring your insurance cards for everyone receiving the vaccine. If you currently do not have insurance, the vaccine can be given free of charge! The health unit is also going to local schools again this year however in order to be vaccinated, parents must sign consent forms. There are online consent forms this year at https://adhschoolfluprereg.arkansas.gov/ online assistance is also available at 1-866-671-7266. It is very important to be vaccinated around this time of year. “We want Pike County residents to stay healthy this flu season, and getting a yearly vaccination is the best line of protection” Teresa the Pike County Health Unit Administrator quotes. The flu vaccines change every year so it is important to stay updated. This year’s flu vaccine is made to protect from flu viruses that are to cause the most illnesses.

Everyone should stay vaccinated because no matter how old you are, you can still contract the virus. It is stated that the flu vaccine is very safe and does not cause the flu. You will notice some redness and swelling around the injection site as well as accompanying with headache and low temperature. The flu can easily be spread by touching door knobs, coughing, sneezing, or any other type of contact. Sanitize your door knobs and counter surfaces regularly and wash your hands thoroughly.

For more information on the vaccine, call 870-285-3154 or visit www.healthy.arkansas.gov as well as www.flu.gov

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