Bielema probably coaches last game as Razorbacks head coach Friday

Bielema coaches last Razorbacks game

Arkansas Razorbacks head football coach Bret Bielema will be coaching his last game as Razorbacks head coach Friday vs. Missouri. You know it, we know it; everyone knows it.

Bielema has been a complete failure in SEC games during his career at Arkansas. During his 5-year run as head coach at Arkansas, Bielema’s  overall record is  29-33 and 11-28 in the SEC. That dog won’t hunt.

Despite Bielema’s failures; he is living in La- La land thinking that he actually has a chance to stay on as head coach after another disastrous season.

“There’s just little moments, you know, that you realize those things,” Bielema said at his weekly press conference. “I know that none of it is regret, none of it is remorse, none of it is second-guessing.

“It’s just I have so much faith in what we’ve built and what could be here. There’s already going to be so much transition in our league, which I think is a positive to stay constant.”

Obviously, Bielema cannot read the writing on the wall. Jeff Long, his boss was fired Wednesday. Bielema is probably the main reason Long was fired.

Bielema knows it comes down to wins

“I know we want more wins,” he said. “I want more wins. The wins will come.”

When? The stands were half empty for last Saturday’s game against Mississippi State. Black Friday’s game against Missouri will be worst with tickets for the game available on line in the secondary market for $6 each. That’s less than the price of high school games in Arkansas this weekend. If that’s not enough; Missouri is an 11 point favorite in Friday’s game.

“I love my guys,” Bielema said, starting to choke up. “They’re awesome. So it is what it is.”

Bielema loves his guys but that is not enough to win over fans that have been jumping off Bielema’s band wagon like mice on a sinking ship. That being said; the long road as Razorbacks coaching for Bielema is ending soon. Don’t feel bad; he will leave Arkansas a rich man. He definitely was paid millions more than he was  worth.

Hopefully for Hogs fans sake,  UA Chancellor Joe Steinmetz, the board of trustees and new AD can land one of the many great coaching prospects available this year before other teams with job vacancies scoop them all up.

Listen to Arkansas vs. Missouri on Caddo Country 98.9 FM in Glenwood, Arkansas. Pregame Friday morning at 10:30 a.m. and kickoff at 1:30 p.m.